• Loryma is awareness.

    Loryma is awareness.

    Ingredients for vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

  • Loryma is appetite for life.

    Loryma is appetite for life.

    Ingredients for sauces, mayonnaises and dressings.

  • Loryma is temptation.

    Loryma is temptation.

    Ingredients for coatings and breadcrumb-systems.

  • Loryma is fullness.

    Loryma is fullness.

    Ingredients for fillings, toppings and desserts.

  • Loryma is awareness.
  • Loryma is appetite for life.
  • Loryma is temptation.
  • Loryma is fullness.

Loryma is Variety - for your success.

Loryma Ingredients GmbH, part of the Crespel & Deiters Group, is a producer of natural raw materials which we refine into highly functional products and systems for the food industry with the accent on: texture, stability and taste.

For almost 40 years Loryma Ingredients GmbH have been developing winning products that not only look wonderfully appetizing and satisfying – but taste great too.

To name just a few: functional stabilizing systems for savoury and sweet toppings and fillings; breadcrumb systems for deep-freeze and fresh products like fish, meat and baked goods; coatings for vegetables and potato specialities – and now, brand new: trendy veggie-food-concepts.

The company

LORYMA has been chosen.

Because of the modern fair-booth and the forward-looking Product-Range "Messe Frankfurt" took LORYMA into their advertising.
Here is the official VIDEO by "Messe Frankfurt". Have a look…


  • Interactive Q&A platform

    Interactive Q&A platform

    Starch-based ingredients

    Starch Europe establishes an interactive platform regarding starch in food so consumers gain a better understanding as to where starch-based ingredients come from, and what they are used for in food production.

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  • “Delicious Review” about “IFFA 2016”.

    “Delicious Review” about “IFFA 2016”.

    LORYNEWS 01/2016

    The first edition of our "LORYNEWS" is finished, printed and on the way to our customers in germany. In the german Magazin “Fleischwirtschaft” in the edition of Nov./2016 you will find also an additional newspaper supplement. The english Version can be found as PDF under "Continue reading".

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  • LORYMA on IFFA in Frankfurt

    LORYMA on IFFA in Frankfurt

    Veggie Trend 2016

    The market for vegetarian and vegan foods is growing rapidly with no end in sight according to the current Industry Report 2016 by the Institute of Commercial Research in Cologne. The turnover in the core groups of goods was around 454 million in 2015.

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  • Crespel & Deiters Group.

    Crespel & Deiters Group.

    New Logo

    By 1899 Crespel & Deiters had already registered a trademark under the term "Three Hares" at the Imperial Patent Office, a protected trademark as a quality seal for products.

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  • Flavorful.


    Trade Shows 2015/16

    In 2013 our live chef delighted visitors at multiple trade shows with delectable morsels – and showed just how delicious our textured wheat protein TruTex® tastes. More delicious treats are in store at this year's shows. Care for some more?

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  • Sweet anniversary.

    Sweet anniversary.

    Pudinga turns 100

    Our grandparents already knew the warm and seductive aroma of freshly baked cream pastries. Indeed "Pudinga" was already registered with the Imperial Patent Office on January 16, 1914. Today it remains a staple in every quality bakery – and is now celebrating its 100th anniversary.

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