Welcome to Loryma – your developer and producer of wheat-based food ingredients.

Loryma is the brand of the Crespel & Deiters Group responsible for the development and production of wheat-based food ingredients for the optimisation of industrially-produced food. Loryma has been a pioneering partner for international food companies for more than 40 years. With its plant-based wheat raw materials and its innovative blends, Loryma, as a producer of wheat-based food ingredients, optimises the stability, the texture and the flavour of meat products, fish products, vegetarian and vegan products, as well as baked goods, convenience products and confectionery.

Decades of experience, in-depth sector expertise and the experts' knowledge from the development department make the food ingredients producer Loryma a future-oriented partner of the food industry.

Pioneering solutions for the food industry.

The global population is growing. By 2030, 8.5 billion people are expected to populate the earth; by 2050, this number will already have increased to 9.7 billion. In light of the ever-growing world population, ensuring food security poses a global challenge. The food industry has taken on the challenge to succeed at feeding the global population with high-quality and affordable food. With wheat proteins, native wheat starches, modified wheat starches, as well as wheat-based functional blends, Loryma, as a producer of wheat-based food ingredients, does its part in contributing to improving the stability, the texture and the flavour of industrially-produced food. In so doing, and in cooperation with the international food producing industry, Loryma is advancing the development of new, nutritious, efficient and tasty food.

Manufacturer Loryma helps to feed the global population with its food ingredients

We develop better food with wheat.

Food ingredients by the producer Loryma on the foundation of wheat are suited for a variety of applications

Wheat constitutes the foundation for our innovations and products for the food industry. We have been working with the sustainable raw material of wheat for decades, and we have in-depth knowledge regarding the challenges and possibilities offered by wheat protein and wheat starches. Our plant-based proteins, starches and wheat-based functional blends assist in optimising industrially-produced food, both regarding the technological and the sensory aspects. This also applies to the strongly-growing vegetarian and vegan food sector, as meat and fish replacers. And, as part of the Crespel & Deiters Group, we benefit from over 160 years of experience in working with wheat.

Focus on healthy nutrition.

A balanced diet is becoming increasingly more important for consumers. Today, health, environmental and also animal protection aspects are contributing toward changing people’s eating habits. As a producer, our food ingredients such as textured wheat proteins offer food companies pioneering solutions for vegetarian, vegan meat and fish replacers, among other things. By adding wheat proteins, food’s protein content increases, and this supports a protein-rich, plant-based diet.

Loryma – innovative developer and reliable producer of wheat-based food ingredients and pioneering partner of the international food industry.

  • Developer and producer of wheat-based food ingredients
  • Specialist for wheat proteins, modified wheat starches, native wheat starches and wheat-based functional blends
  • A partner of the food industry for more than 40 years
  • Innovative solutions for new food products
  • Improvement of end-consumer products with regard to texture, quality and flavour