Loryma. Take food further.

With plant-based raw materials made of wheat and functional, customer-specific blends for industrial food production, Loryma, as an international food ingredients developer and producer, provides an important contribution to stability, texture and flavour. In the meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan products sector, as well as when it comes to baked goods, convenience and confectionery products, Loryma supports the food industry in optimising its products. Additionally, with our textured proteins made of wheat, we provide valuable solutions in feeding the world and addressing the future-oriented themes that revolve around meat and fish replacers.

Wheat-based raw materials for optimal food.

As a producer and specialist in wheat-based food ingredients within the Crespel & Deiters Group, Loryma refines wheat-based raw materials for the food industry with regard to their texture, stability and flavour. Thanks to many years of experience with wheat proteins, modified wheat starches and native wheat starches, we have acquired extensive knowledge and an in-depth understanding. This allows us to take advantage of the possibilities and practicalities offered by wheat as a raw material and the wheat-based food ingredients that arise from it. As a producer we provide this knowledge to our food producing customers, with particular reference to product development and optimisation that comes as a result of changing existing food, that in turn, arises out of changing customer needs and consumer trends. Here at Loryma, in the production of wheat-based food ingredients, together with all aspects of quality assurance and production and supply reliability take top priority at Loryma.

Vegetable food ingredients to satisfy the food production requirements – both today and in the future.

We at Loryma accept the responsibility we are facing and would like to contribute our part in ensuring that all people on our planet have access to an adequate supply of food high in nutrients. In the long term, neither the meat industry, nor conventional agriculture will be able to satisfy the ever-increasing demand of a constantly-growing global population. With wheat-based food ingredients, Loryma supports food producers across the globe in realising future-oriented food concepts. With high-performance wheat-based raw materials and wheat-based functional blends, we can contribute our part in optimising the food industry’s production and convenience portfolio.

Food ingredients producer Loryma is a member of the following associations:

Loryma is a member of Starch Europe.

Starch Europe is the trade association which represents the interests of the EU starch industry both at European and international level. Its membership comprises 26 EU starch producing companies, together representing more than 95% of the EU starch industry and, in associate membership, 7 national starch industry associations. The European starch industry manufactures over six hundred products including native starches, modified starches, liquid and solid sweeteners as well as oils, proteins and fibres that are used as ingredients and functional supplements in a vast array of food, feed and industrial applications.

Loryma is a member of VDGS, the Association of German Grain Processors and Starch Producers.

Loryma is a member of VDGS, the Association of German Grain Processors and Starch Producers.

The VDGS e.V. bundles the strengths of its member companies professionally and efficiently in order to increase the visibility and image of the industries and to represent their concerns on a national and European level.

Gustav Deiters, managing partner of Crespel & Deiters, is chairman of the board and spokesman for the wheat starch division.