Reliable partner – secure product quality.

Loryma is an expert when it comes to wheat proteins and wheat starches. With wheat-based food ingredients and wheat-based functional blends, we support the food industry in developing and optimising its food products. We have been supplying a variety of sub-sectors within the food industry for more than 40 years. Major food corporations as well as small, specialised food producers rely on Loryma’s extensive knowledge, in-depth consultation, competence and the reliable product quality of its wheat proteins, native and modified wheat starches, as well as the wheat-based functional blends.

The Loryma experts have decades of experience in producing food ingredients and in the consultation of customers

Knowledge and expertise in producing food ingredients:

  • Decades of experience as a system supplier to the food industry
  • In-depth sector and product knowledge in the food ingredients sector
  • A high level of consultation competence with regard to wheat-based raw materials in industrial food production
  • Increasing the efficiency in customers’ food production
  • Support with food product developments and food product improvements
  • Utilising the benefits of wheat-based raw materials as a provider of nutrients

Always focussed on the customer’s production.

We are just as well acquainted with the food industry’s manufacturing processes as with how the various food ingredients work. Food producing companies can rely on this when involving Loryma in the product development and improvements or changes to existing food. Loryma’s wheat-based food ingredients are important components in the production and optimisation of industrially-made food as regards the stability, texture and flavour, as well as when looking at the nutrients. As a partner of the food industry, we are very well-acquainted with the production processes. With decades of experience and in-depth expert knowledge pertaining to the function and effect of ourwheat-based raw materials, we ensure high efficiency and reliability at the customers’ production sites with our wheat-based food ingredients, both in the manufacturing process and regarding the end-consumer products.

Following consultation at the customer, the food ingredients are produced at Loryma with great care