Optimise your Veggie and  Low-Carb products!

Do you know how to make your vegetarian and vegan meat and fish alternatives even more flavoursome, nutritional and visually appealing? With textured wheat protein by Loryma. They are a constituent part in a healthy diet, and form the basis of new food concepts and future-oriented food innovations. The wheat texturate, with its meat-like texture, is perfect for veggie products and for the protein enrichment of low carb food products.

Vegetable proteins such as the textured wheat protein are vegan and can be deployed in a variety of applications in the food industry

The properties of Lory® Tex wheat proteins:

  • Pure vegetable protein source
  • Meat-like texture and unique crunchiness
  • Neutral in odour and flavour
  • Various forms: Powder, chunks, fibres, flakes, granules, strips
  • Various colours: e.g. cream colours, brown, dark brown
  • Easy to process, thanks to short soaking times
  • Texture stable in autoclaves

The applications of Lory® Tex wheat proteins:

  • Enrichment with plant-based proteins
  • Texture-providing agent for vegetarian products and/or vegan products
  • Reproduction of all types of meat textures
  • Reproduction of fish-like structures
  • Increasing the protein content in pastries and low-carb products
  • Optimisation of sensory properties
  • Creation of fibrous or granular structure
  • Preferred use after rehydration (swelling and water absorption)