Native and modificated wheat starches: versatile properties and applications.

The further development of wheat starches with their different functions, the special properties and the resulting applications is a speciality of the Food Ingredients producer Loryma. The native and modificated wheat starches have a variety of properties that can optimise the customer’s end-consumer products as regards the texture, stability and flavour.

Stabilise and optimise your baked goods, meat products and confectionery with Loryma wheat starches.

Improve the texture, stability and taste of your end-consumer product with native or modificated wheat starches. Loryma offers you a range of starches with a wide variety of properties and applications. With high heat, acid and shear stability, as well as good emulsifying properties, the hot- and cold-swelling Loryma wheat starches can be used for various manufacturing processes that range from cold production to the sterilisation of fillings, and right up to sauces and toppings. In the applications, they act as binders, stabilisation systems and thickeners.

Improve the surface texture, crispiness and mouth feel of your breadings with Loryma wheat starches! The different adhesion strengths are excellently-suited for processing in batters, flourings or dry breadings, and contribute to ensuring optimal dry breading adhesion.

Optimise the stability and increase your doughs and masses’ volume! With the highly-functional Loryma wheat starches, you can optimally influence both the dough properties and the desired crumb texture. They make biscuits crispy, muffins fluffy and keep bread fresh for a long time.

Ensure optimum consistency of your meat products with Loryma’s process-, heat-, freeze-, thaw-, shear- and acid-stable speciality starches! With their high viscosity stability, they are used as binding and thickening agents in meat processing. Their thickening and stabilising properties make them the ideal ingredient for special production strains.

Give your confectionery a pleasant texture with Loryma’s wheat starches. Thanks to their high solid and low water content, their low hot viscosity ensures a pourable but rapidly-solidifying mass, without tailing. This way, moulded products can already be formed after a short time, allowing reliable production at high process speeds. In addition, wheat starches display low stickiness, providing a more pleasant mouthfeel while eating the confectionery.

Loryma wheat starches in use

The native and modificated wheat starches of the food ingredients producer Loryma are used in many sectors of the food industry. They are process stable and safe in application and ensure a high degree of production safety. Thanks to their diverse product properties, such as high heat and acid stability, shear stability and emulsifiability, our hot- and cold-swelling wheat starches can be used for various manufacturing processes, for instance, pasteurisation, UHT processes, or hot and cold production of fillings, sauces and toppings.

Properties of native and modificated wheat starches:

  • Hot-swelling and cold-swelling
  • Odourless and tasteless
  • White or cream-coloured
  • Free-flowing and flowable
  • Stable processing, water absorbing and freeze/thaw stable.
  • Structuring
  • Strong adhesion properties
  • Texture-providing
  • Heat stability and acid stability

Applications of native and modificated wheat starches:

  • All-rounder as a binding agent and thickening agent
  • Breading systems
  • Adhesive starches for various coating systems
  • Application as an emulsifier
  • Special starches with thickening and stabilising properties under special production loads, such as thaw stability, shear stability, heat stability, and acid stability
Download the application areas of Loryma wheat starches

Use of native and modificated wheat starches:

  • Meat products
  • Baked goods
  • Delicatessen products
  • Convenience products
  • Confectionery

Special wheat starches for special applications

Loryma offers customised wheat starches for many different application fields. Apart from the native wheat starches for standard applications and the modificated speciality starches, Loryma also offers clean label starches in its wheat starches portfolio.

With its large product portfolio, the food ingredients-producer Loryma has the matching wheat starch for every requirement

Special-wheat starches

The Three Hare wheat starch, one of the native starches in the Loryma product range, is primarily used for standard starch applications in all areas of the food industry. Especially when it is used for structuring, sensory properties are needed. Loryma has developed a large portfolio of special starches for the special requirements of specific areas. Our offer is rounded off with our extruded flours, consisting of at least 70% starch.

Uncomplicated cold production of foods with the clean label wheat starches by the producer Loryma

Clean label starches

Apart from our native wheat starches for standard applications and our modificated special starches, our portfolio is rounded off by clean-label starches. They are purely physically modificated wheat starches that are suitable, for example, for cold production and for uniformly filling lumpy sauces, such as canned vegetables or goulash sauce and salads (for instance coleslaw).